Our Staff

Experience and Qualifications of Key Staff and Carers

The registered manager Ms J McGowan a registered General Nurse (RGN).  The company’s care coordinator & registered risk assessor.


Our carers will receive regular training in all aspects of their work including:

  • Moving and handling
  • Food hygiene
  • Administration of medication
  • Infection control
  • Health and safety
  • Dementia / Alzheimer’s Care
  • Safeguarding adults

Staff our encouraged to obtain formal qualifications in caring through the government-backed system of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) and skills for care.


Holidays and Sickness Cover

There will be occasions when Care Workers are sick or on holiday. In this instance you will receive a replacement worker. We will always consult with you in advance so that you are kept informed of the situation. We understand the importance of continuity and consistency and will do our best to keep any changes in Care Workers to a minimum. If permanent change occurs we will consult with you.

Reassessment of Needs

If we believe there has been a change in your circumstances requiring reassessment of your needs, then you may contact our office if you require us to contact social worker directly for you.


Mutual Respect

Our Care Workers also have a right not to be harassed, abused, assaulted or discriminated against in the performance of their work. Our Staff should respect you and your wishes. In return, we ask that you respect Care Workers.


Insurance and Liability

Night and Day Care Limited will carry insurance for its legal liability in respect of accidental loss or damage to property or injury to persons arising out of negligence in the conduct of its activities. Should a claim be made against Night and Day Care Ltd a compensation claim form needs to be completed and returned to Night and Day Care Limited. Service users will have to show in claim that damage was resulted from negligence.

Please note that Care Workers are not permitted to undertake additional private work for you.  Any such work is carried out entirely at your own risk and without insurance cover and, if discovered, the Care Worker will have their employment terminated.


Health & Safety and taking risks

A Care Worker will not do anything that could endanger you or themselves. A risk assessment will be conducted in your home prior to the commencement of service which will identify any health and safety risks either to you or the Care Workers. Steps will be recorded as to how those risks can be reduced or managed. If any hazards or dangers associated with working in your home arise we would appreciate that you inform us as soon as possible.  Care workers are required to contact the office if they believe that the risks you take may cause harm to yourself, them, or have an impact on the service.


Looking after the Service Users well being

All staff our aware how to report to their manager any suspicion of abuse whether financial, physical or sexual. The Manager will offer advice and support to you as appropriate. If you are found unwell your carer can contact your doctor or call for emergency help if necessary.


Handling Money

If Care Workers are involved with any financial transactions, such as collecting pensions, shopping, paying bills, or any other reason money exchanges hands. They must record details on the records kept in your home. We would also advise you not to give bank cards with PIN number to Care Worker and ask them to obtain money.


Gifts and Bequests

Care Workers are not allowed to accept gifts of money and we would prefer it if you did not give them any gifts. Care Workers are not allowed to accept loans and we would be grateful if you did not offer to lend money to them. Care Workers are not allowed to act as a counter- signatory or as a witness to any form of legal documents including wills.



Care Workers will lend assistance with medication where this has been specified in your Care Plan.  This assistance may take the form of prompting you to take medication, assistance with a dosette box, offering support to take medication and, where specified in a Care Plan and with your agreement, administering medication.

Care Workers will not give injections or be involved with naso-gastric administration or any other invasive procedure.

Each dose of medication (whether administered by you, your informal carer or the Home Carer) must be recorded, and should you refuse to take your medicine this must be recorded as well. Please refer to Medication Policy provided.



Care Workers are not permitted to smoke while they are in your home.



In exceptional circumstances, we may telephone you and ask to speak with the Care Worker. We will only do this if it is important and there is no other method of contacting the person. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.



Night and Day Care Limited will keep information and details about your service confidential and only provide information to those who are directly involved in providing care to you. We will not give information about your service to your relatives or friends unless you have given us permission to do so or we feel that it directly impacts on your health and safety.

Care Workers are expected to keep information that they learn about you confidential. However, they are taught to breach this rule and speak to their manager if they genuinely believe that it is in your best interest to do so, for example on health and safety grounds. A Care Worker who breaches the rules on confidentiality for inappropriate or unjustifiable reasons will be dealt with under disciplinary procedures.

Access is restricted only to those who are properly authorized because of their particular duties. This is in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Access to records

Under the Data Protection Act you have certain rights with regard to data which is held on our files about you. You are entitled to see the information which is held. If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact the Night and Day Care office. Night and Day Care is required to maintain various records in order to comply with the Care Standards Act. As Part of the inspection and auditing process by the Care Quality Commission for Social care inspection it is possible that some of your records may be seen by members of the inspection team. Apart from this, your file will only be seen by people in providing service who are directly involved in providing service.


Provider Details

Night & Day Care Limited
24 Churchfield Road (Ground floor)
W3 6EG
Office number: 0203 601 9299

Registered Manager: Julie McGowan