Client Rates




Hourly Rate Week days £18.50
Weekend £20.00
45 minutes Week £16.50
Weekend £17.50
1/2 Hour Week £12.50
Weekend £13.50


Night Duty Weekday & Weekend  150.00
(10 hours) 10pm – 8am

Domestic rates

£17.00 hourly Monday to Friday only

  • All bank holidays are charged at double time
  • A sleep – in or a Night Duty covers an 10- hour period
  • All Personal Care packages are VAT exempt
  • 24- hour care packages are individually assessed and priced accordingly
  • Emergency hospital admissions of 48 hours or less will incur full amount for care already booked. Thereafter care booked for the remainder of the week will be charged at 50% of the agreed hourly rate.

Night shift may be changed an earlier or later start and finish time if required.

Provider Details

Night & Day Care Limited
24 Churchfield Road (Ground floor)
W3 6EG
Office number: 0203 601 9299

Registered Manager: Julie McGowan